Mark Arthur Wyman

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Mark Arthur Wyman began classical piano studies at age five. In 1988 he moved to San Francisco CA to continue his musical studies and perform, moving to Amsterdam in 2003.
Mark has a very broad musical experience, from classical to punk, from rock and pop to avant-garde, playing anything with keys or knobs, piano, organ, accordion, and many different synths. He has performed solo, and with many different groups across the entire musical spectrum.
Mark has toured around the US and all over Europe, and in Buenos Aires he polished his skills in tango, his main musical interest. While based in San Francisco, Mark played with several tango groups: Strictly Tango, Tango #9, MonTango, and his own Quartet, as well as with countless bands, ensembles and musicals. He began teaching piano in 1989.
Since 2003 Mark lives in Amsterdam, performing regularly, producing, accompanying and teaching privately. He plays with the tango quintet Trasnoche, the tango ensemble Origen, various musicals (Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, Wicked, We Will Rock You), the choir Noisy Voices, as well as working with many other groups, singers, choirs, and performers.
Upcoming performances can be seen on his web site
Mark also publishes music books, under his company Delf Music. The Tango Fake Book and other works can be seen on the web site
Native english speaker, fluent in dutch.


Begun in the 1980s setting up for bands and sound operation. San Francisco State University 1988 began training and working in Technical Operations. Thereafter, at McCune (CA US) and SF MOMA and elsewhere, continued sound and lighting work, film and video, and general operations and setup.

Private Piano Teaching - - 1991-present
Began classical teaching, coaching and tutoring while at San Francisco State University. Added jazz/improv and tango teaching. Focus on basic classical technique and modern rhythm concepts with an emphasis on tango and funk.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - - 1996-2001
Audio-visual Technician: Film and video projection, sound engineering, theater lighting, general technical operations.

Teradyne Corp - - 2001-2003
Web designer: responsible for website design and maintenance for corporate website. HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, on Macintosh and Windows. Placed by Outsource Marketing Communications.

Various choirs, teaching studios - - 1992-present
Piano accompaniment of rehearsals, recordings and performances, including Noisy Voices, 2003-present; and Cantina Vocaal, 2003-present.

Stage Entertainment NL - - 2005-present
Music Director, Keyboards: performing in musicals; Musical Direction/conducting; piano/keyboard accompaniment in rehearsals and auditions. Les Miserables, Mary Poppins, Tarzan, We Will Rock You, Wicked, Sister Act, Moeder, ik wil naar de revue, Jersey Boys, Billy Elliot.

V&V (Albert Verlinde) - - 2007-2009
Keyboards: performing in musicals; assistant Musical Director; piano/keyboard accompaniment in rehearsals and auditions. Sound of Music.

Brel at Breakfast - - august 2009
Keyboards in show and rehearsals as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with singer Donald Hawkins and keyboardist Wim Veenhof
25 shows, 6-31 august

Tango Stories - - 2003-4
Associate Producer, sound technician, camera op, and photographer for this film about tango in Buenos Aires. Directed by Paul Lundahl, noted videographer and co-founder of eMotion Studios, Sausalito CA ( Filming Buenos Aires, Argentina; editing San Francisco, CA, US.

In addition to the above, i am engaged in transcribing, arranging and printing of many different styles of music (using Finale). See samples.


San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA USA -- 1988-1992
Graduated 1992 Summa cum laude, Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance.

Mills College, Oakland CA, USA -- 1993-1996
Graduated 1996, Dean's List, Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Literature.


Piano, many synthesizers, organ, accordion, melodica, other instruments.

Classical, tango, jazz, funk, rock, pop, musical theater, electronic. Macintosh computer for recording and mizing, synthesis/sequencing, sampling, MIDI, arranging of ensemble and piano accompaniment, production of books and parts, composition.

Many years experience private teaching. Much experience managing group learning events, training, coaching. Conducting, musical direction, directing rehearsals. Teaching to listen, rhythm, ear training.

Many years experience in recording studios, home recording; countless live gigs performing often involving setup; many live gigs running sound and/or lights; many years experience at SF MOMA, McCune Audio (CA, US), and independent.


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