Making music.

Transcribing music is an essential part of what i do. I do it a lot; at present the count is about 550 different pieces. You can also see the Delf site at

Transcribing is the act of listening to music and writing it down, then printing it on paper for others to read and play. I use Finale and a little bit of Sibelius. They are complicated but powerful applications for music printing.

I have transcribed much music, from simple pop tunes to full orchestral scores. Most of what i do is transcribe tango music, usually for Orquesta Amago, but for a lot else too: quintet, trio, duos with bandoneon or voice, and piano solo. But i do many other styles, too, also in choir arrangements, and a lot more.

My Tango Fake Book is available, containing over 100 tangos, all transcriptions done by me.

Take a look at some samples here. Click on a link to open either a printable PDF, or a downloadable Finale file. Feel free to download, print and use them. If you would like me to do something for you, just contact me through the contact page. By the same means you can contact me if you have any suggestions or find mistakes.
To open PDF files, you must have PDF software installed, such as Adobe Reader. For Finale files, of course, you need Finale.

Telkens weer Classic dutch pop standard PDF Finale

Alma en pena (page 2) Anselmo Aieta, version Raul Garello PDF Finale

Adios Nonino Piano cadenza (all) PDF Finale

Araka titiro Four-part adaptation PDF Finale

Tango Fake Book, 2/4 vs 4/4
Derecho viejo 4/4 2/4