Welcome to harmonk.com.

Welcome to my web site. This is the home of Delf Music and the Tango Fake Book.

For piano lessons in Amsterdam, please click on the link to the left.

The Tango Fake Books Vol. I and II are available. Click the link there on the left, check it out, look at a sample, and then contact me through the contact page.

The Tango Fake Book Volume III
is COMPLETED and is now available!

Coming soon: THE BIG TANGO FAKE BOOK! Containing all three books in one big volume - plus some extras not found anywhere else. Check back here often for news, or see the contact page to sign up for the email list.

Check out the Agenda page for all the upcoming gigs.

There are samples of my playing on the Music page; some tango piano with tango trios, orquestas and quintets:
Trasnoche, Origen, Bandola zurdo, and Racing club.