For your phoning pleasure.

That's right! Ringtones, for your mobilefone. Mostly tango. I saw a niche, a gap in the market, so i went right for it.

These are MP3s, unless otherwise indicated. Don't ask me how to use them. Every phone is different, is my impression, and most have uploading processes which are difficult and not intuitive.

To only listen to any sound file, simply click on the link. To download and use it for your phone, apple-click, or right-click and do a 'Save as...'.

Good luck, veel success. Please try them and let me know how they work.

Canaro en Paris

The opening up and down scales. From Sexteto mayor.

El scerrillano

Opening of the zamba from Dino Saluzzi.

A fuego lento

The distinctive first few phrases from the famous tango of Salgán.

A fuego lento phased

The same (Salgán) but with a low-budg flangey effect added. Cheesy!

A media luz

The beautiful opening passage from this well-known tango, from the arrangement of Raúl Garello.


The beginning of the famous tango by Juan Otero, performed by his own orquesta.

A little help from my friends

For a change of pace, the first words from this song of the Beatles, sung by Ringo Starr.

Hora cero

The first several seconds of this beautiful, haunting tune from Piazzolla.

Organito de la tarde

Right from the original. The clear, bell-like opening organito melody is perfect for a ringtone. Carlos would be proud.

Organito de la tarde (MIDI)

Enjoy this classic piano intro from Di Sarli. I made this one myself -- my old phone used also MIDI files.

Organito de la tarde (WAV)

A WAV file, right from the original. My old (Microsoft-based -- yuk) phone used these too. I leave it here just to enjoy the fact that i no longer have to deal with that ugly phone (Motorola MPX200).