Music, friends, tango and stuff.

These are a bunch a links to a bunch of different stuff, mostly tango. I don't pretend it's complete or exhaustive or anything. I hope it's helpful, and i like to help publicise these particular things. Please let me know if you'd like to be added, or if a link doesn't work.

music (and dance) sites (everywhere)
- Torito
The best source for tango, in Netherlands and Europe. From Amsterdam.

- TodoTango
The best source for tango in the world. From Buenos Aires.

- Tango lyrics home page
Lots and lots and lots of tango lyrics and other information.

- TangoDiep
Jur en Jonne's site, Amsterdam.

- La cadena
Informative monthly magazine over tango. Based in NL.

- Academia de Tango
The famous school and milonga, one of the very first in NL.
- Piano World
Where the World Turns For Information About Pianos.

- Bay Area Tango Association
Tango around San Francisco.
- Christian's Tango and Bandoneon Info
A billion links. Lots and lots of info about tango and bandoneon in particular.

- Roman's Tango Link Directory
What it says. A billion links to tango stuff, web sites, events, more. Great site.

- Los Jovenes del Tango
The one and only young Dutch tangomeeting.

- Ernesto's Tango Page
Much information, many links about argentine tango.

- Tango de los muertos
Festival in Boston.

- The Tango Society of Boston
A Massachusetts non-profit organization dedicated to the support and growth of the Argentine Tango.

- TangoArizona
Information about tango in Arizona, mainly Phoenix and Tucson.

music groups & people (nl)
Don't forget to see the links to the left for Milongón, Racing club and Bandola zurdo......

- Enrique Caruso
Excellent tango singer.

- Mala pinta
Great tango quartet, sometimes sextet.

- Santiago Cimadevilla
Excellent bandoneon player and general musician.

- Sexteto Canyengue
- Zarate
Quintet, fine group.
- El Conjunto
Trio, sometimes larger ensemble.

- Pavadita
Quartet, all strings, good stuff.

- El Ayer
Tango quartet, old and new music, with Sylvia Mancuso singing.

- Quinteto Tango Extremo
Dutch tango group, instead of bandoneón, saxophone (beware, flash site).

- Trio Tincho
Tango trio.

- Otros Tiempos
Tango trio formed of faculty at the Rotterdams Conservatory.

- O.T.R.A.
The student orquesta típica out of the Rotterdams Conservatory.

- Tocatango
Sextet with singer, out of Arnhem.

- Tango Dorado
Septet based in NL.

music groups & people (AR)
- Astillero
Newish sexteto plus singer, with Julian Peralta, formerly of Fernandez Fierro.

- Juan Trepiana
Pianist, teacher, Buenos Aires.

- Enrique Caruso
Excellent tango singer. Buenos Aires/Amsterdam.

music groups & people (US)
- MonTango
Quintet based in San Francisco CA under the leadership of Tom Montgomery.
- Alex Krebs - Tango Berretín
A very good dancer based in Portland OR. Also a bandoneon player in Conjunto Berretín.
- Joe Powers
Harmonica player out of Portland OR. Tango and some mean blues.

- Pablo Aslan
Excellent bass player, musician, based in New York City.

music groups & people (world)
- Silencio
Based in CH.
- Juan José Mosalini
Bandoneon maestro living in Paris.
- Alfredo Marcucci
Based in Brussel, Belgium. Fantasic, a real maestro, has like 19 groups he plays with. I am still looking for a site. You can look at Silencio's site too.
- Arthur Moreira Lima
Pianist based in Brazil.
- San Telmo Lounge
Flash site....


- Horacio Salgán
This link is broken, can't find a site. Anybody know the address?

- Piazzolla

A whole bunch of stuff coming, mostly music.

- Pamela Z
Composer, performer, sound artist, extended vocalist. San Francisco CA.