Music, friends, tango and stuff.

These are a bunch a links to a bunch of different stuff, mostly tango. I don't pretend it's complete or exhaustive or anything. I hope it's helpful, and i like to help publicise these particular things. Please let me know if you'd like to be added, or if a link doesn't work. Under construction sept 2023.

music sites
- Torito
The best source for all things tango in Netherlands and Europe. Based in Amsterdam.

- TodoTango
The best source for tango in the world. From Buenos Aires.

- Letras de tango
Tango lyrics in spanish and english. AKA Planet Tango. Maintained by Alberto Paz.

- Julian Peralta
One of the best, most interesting tango musicians around. His book The Tango Orchestra is an invaluable resource. His group Astillero:

- Santiago Cimadevilla (Formerly
Excellent bandoneon player and general musician. Also one of the best and most interesting. Our group Trasnoche:

- Christian's Tango and Bandoneon Info
A billion links. Lots and lots of info about tango and bandoneon in particular.

- Bay Area Argentine Tango Association
Tango around San Francisco.
Also on Facebook:

- Piano World
'Where the World Turns For Information About Pianos'. A portal for all things piano, made by Frank Baxter, pianist, piano tuner, composer, internet marketer, web developer.

- Harry Geuns
Free reed maker, bandoneon maker. In Belgium.

- Roman's Tango Link Directory
What it says. A billion links to tango stuff, web sites, events, more. Great site.

- Academia de Tango
The famous school and milonga, one of the very first in NL.

- Tanquito tango lyrics.
Lyrics, translations, lots of other information about tango.

- La cadena
Dutch language site about tango.

- The Tango Society of Boston
A Massachusetts non-profit organization dedicated to the support and growth of the Argentine Tango.